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You may use this form to send a secure job announcement to GovtJob.Net for posting.  If your job ad is already prepared, you do not need to retype it just for us. Unless you are paying by credit card, we prefer that you simply click on the following link to email your job advertisement to us - Just paste the ad copy into the body of your email message, or attach the job ad as a word processing file (Word, WordPerfect, or plain text please). We will cut and paste your ad copy to fit our standard job announcement template. We will notify you upon receipt and posting of your ad. Click here for advertising rates.

NOTE: Each scrolling text box can accommodate up to 150 words of text. If you type or paste more than this, it will be cut off upon transmission. If you have a long ad, it is easier to simply email it to us.

In the Position Title box list the title of the position you are posting, e.g. Public Works Director. You may also include a Job Number or Code if applicable, e.g. #00-045 


In the Employer box, list the name of your agency (city, county, district, etc.), including the two letter state code, e.g. Town of Cary, NC. If you are a county or association you may also want to add the county seat, e.g. Flathead County (Kalispell), MT.


In the Compensation box, list any compensation information such as salary and benefits, e.g. Salary range $3,900 to $5,100 per month, plus excellent fringe benefit package; Depending on Qualifications (DOQ), etc.


In the Closing Date box, list the application deadline or closing date of the position. If there there is no closing date, use a phrase such as "Position Open Until filled".


In the Apply To box, describe how an applicant is to apply for the position. You may want to include the name and address of where to send the application; whether a resume or formal application form is required; whether applications can be sent via fax or email; whether salary history or references are required; contact person; phone; fax; email, web site address (URL), etc. Also include any Equal Opportunity or Affirmative Action statement such as: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, or EOE/M/F/ADA.


In the Description box, describe You may also want to include the essential duties & responsibilities of the position, and any special requirements (e.g. bonding, residency, licenses, certificates, etc.).  NOTE: This field can accommodate approximately 150 words (e.g. 1/3 page single spaced in 12 pt. font). 


In the Qualifications box,  list the minimum or desired qualifications for the position, such as education, training, experience, knowledge, ability, skill, desired traits, etc.  NOTE: This field can accommodate approximately 150 words (e.g. 1/3 page single spaced in 12 pt. font). 


In the Community information box,  which is optional, describe any information about the organization or community amenities that may help "sell" the position.  NOTE: This field can accommodate approximately 150 words (e.g. 1/3 page single spaced in 12 pt. font). 


Post this job on (date).  Note: Job ads are generally posted the same day
received unless otherwise specified.

Remove this job ad on (date):  .  Note: Job ads are generally removed the day after the closing date, or after 45 days if "open until filled" unless otherwise specified.

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Billing Information: Please provide the following information for invoicing purposes. Our terms are net 30 days. We will invoice your organization and include a "tear sheet" of the ad. Click here to review our advertising rates.  If you are a current GovtJob.Net customer and we have invoiced you previously, you do not need to complete this section again unless your information has changed. NOTE: You can cancel an ad without cost, if we receive notice of cancellation before the ad is formatted and published. If an advertisement is cancelled once it has already been published to GovtJob.Net, there will be a $25 per ad cancellation fee. Ads which have already run for at least 7 days may be pulled, but the full advertising rate will be applied. 



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