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SEO Myths & Facts

SEO Facts and Myths98% of all visits to websites are initiated through the search engines.
SEO Facts and Myths Optimizing your website makes it massively more likely for the search engines to rank you.
Don't trust SEO companies guaranteeing 1st position for your websites in the search engines. Because SEO is an ever changing field, no SEO company can promise you a certain position in any of the search engines.
SEO Facts and Myths You should avoid linking with a site that is penalized by the engines or following questionable SEO practices.
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Web Site Hosting

Web Site HostingWe know exactly what it takes to make a business successful on the Internet.

Our web hosting plans are very diverse and designed for almost any type of website or e-commerce solution. Notable Web has combined the best hardware, latest software and the ...
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Web Site Design

Website DesignThe team at Notable Web strives to create websites that are easy to navigate by both human visitors and by various search engine spiders. The clean slicing and coding we use provides the fastest possible page loads. Our websites are extremely versatile and allow maximum flexability for updates. ..
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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name RegistrationA domain name is the alias that identifies a certain organizations' presence on the Internet. For example, Microsoft uses the Internet address

The choice, which you make for your personal or business domain name ...
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